Revoltech Review - Figure Complex Movie Revo Winnie The Pooh

One of the cutest bears has been given the figure treatment. Winnie The Pooh may be a bear of very little brain but he has huge heart and is totally adorable.

Similar to the Rilakkuma figures they did Revoltech has made a figure of Winnie The Pooh. However, he is much bigger and therefore they have been able to pack in far more articulation.

They have captured the classic Disney cartoon version of Winnie very well and he stands pretty well by himself, which is good as they did not include a stand.

As for articulation his ears can move around, he has neck articulation, arms move at the shoulder and swivel at the elbow and wrist. He has a swivel at his tummy which is more for the feature that you can take it apart to recreate the look of him getting stuck in Rabbits hole. And finally he has articulation at his hip and ankle.

They then give you a good array of faces, a standard happy face, a about to happily eat some honey face, a sleepy face, his thinking face, an another smiling and looking to one side face.

For hands you get some relaxed hands, a pair for holding items, and lastly his thinking fingers.  With the holding hands you can wedge in the honey drip, however it can be tricky getting it in the right position for it to stay in place.

You also get a honey pot, which the honey drip can also fit onto. You also get a stick for playing Pooh sticks - a game me and my brothers used to play on bush walks.

Although he doesn't come with a stand they did include a little log for him to sit on.

And lastly he comes with the scarf he wears on the very blustery day.

I also took a picture of the very nice backdrop which was in the box, which you could use for display purposes.

So I am very happy with this figure and I kind wish they had made the Rilakkuma figures closer to his height so that they could have more articulation as Pooh can just be made so much more expressive with the range of movement and extra facial expressions he comes with.

He is definitely a must get for any Winnie the Pooh fan.