NoseChara Review - Eevee

Although a little on the small size when along side Figma I do find the NoseChara series a good way to get characters in a number of poses to us in comics. So I could not resist when they came out with an Eevee version.

For the size and price it is value for money, however they are not in the same quality range as the Pokemon Moncolle figures. As you will see there are a few paint defects or rubbing and the seam lines are more obvious and less smooth. But like I said I think they are still worth getting and these imperfections are only really visible when I am up real close.

First you get a cute sleeping Eevee, I seem to have a thing for sleeping figures - they look so cozy and sweet.

Then you have this prancing pose and pose which looks like Eevee has stopped in her tracks and is on guard.

Then there is more of a running pose.

And there is this adorable head tilt pose.

And lastly a very happy sitting pose.

I think the size of Eevee, although small, does fit in with my Eeveelution figures as Eevee is a juvenile Pokemon.

One thing to note is that if you want to mix in some of the Moncolle poses, the quality and size makes the difference rather notable so I don't think it would work as the same character.

Overall I am very happy I picked these Eevee's up and you will be seeing them in an upcoming comic.