Figma Review - Lively Lily

Although I prefer the outfit that Lily wears for the majority of Pokemon Sun and Moon and wish they had made that version (finger's crossed they still do at some point) I didn't want to miss out on this one as I really like Lily as a character.

Like the other Pokemon Figmas I think they have captured the cartoon feel of her really well. And although she has rather a bland colour palate everything is clean and neat which is great. The only error is that mine looks like she has a birth mark on her neck as there is slightly discoloured spot. 

She has all of the standard Figma articulation plus articulation of her pony-tail. One bad thing about her design is the heaviness of her hair, which makes some poses difficult in terms of balance.

She comes with three facial expressions, a happy one, a really happy one, and a miffed one (which is adorable).

Then she comes with a pair of open hands, fists, a pair for holding items, and I believe a pair for a Z-move.

She also comes with a Poke-doll and of course Nebby. Nebby is very nicely painted and comes with a stand.

She also comes with her backpack which is cute but does have some very obvious seem lines on the straps which is a shame.

She then comes with two Poke-flutes and hands so her and Mizuki can play at the Sun and Moon shrine. 

And lastly she comes with a very tiny Poke-ball.

Overall a very solid Figma and a definite must get if you are working on building up your army of Pokemon Masters as I am!