Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

2019 will bring a shift in my content - due to increasing prices and also a refocusing of what I want out of life (and wanting to reduce the amount of stuff I own) - moving forward I aim to buy no more than three figures or plush toys a year.

Therefore figure comics will become the main focus as I enjoy making them the most and have a long list of story lines waiting to be made.

I also want to do more photography as haven't done any shoots in ages.

I would also like to at some point create a new set piece to fit alongside the cafe, but that might be a project for 2020.

Just want to thank all of you who continue to follow me, even though I've been all over the place with uploads. This year once I am settled (moving again) I aim to start uploading comics regularly, most likely on a fortnightly basis (anything more will likely be unmanageable due to other commitments).

I hope you all had (or are having) a great holiday,


Sara ^.^