Pokemon Action Pose Review - Eeveelutions

Picked these up in a toy sale at a local department store as I thought they would be a good size for figmas.

As these are meant to be children's toys rather than collectibles they are made of a cheaper plastic and the paint work isn't fantastic, however they are rather decent and worth the price - especially if you get them during a sale as I did. 

They came in packs of three, the first having Sylveon , Espeon, and Umbreon. Each figure can move it's neck and legs. One thing which would have been awesome would be if the tails could also move. However, in spite of this they are pretty cool.

They are also a very good scale to be pokemon companions for figma. 

The second pack includes Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon. One thing to note is that although it looks like Vaporeon's tail can move it cannot, it's just a seem line.

Also both Jolteon and Flareon's head movement is somewhat restricted by their manes.

They all stand very well but it can take some fiddling to get them to stand when attempting a pose when their legs aren't directly underneath them.

Overall though I think they make pretty decent figures and are a good alternative to my other method of getting pokemon pals for my figures, which is buying a bunch of the Moncolle in various poses. These figures will give you some good posing options in one pokemon figure and I am very tempted to perhaps get some other pokemon figures in this line.