Plush Review - Sorbet Rilakkuma

I've been wanting to get one of the sherbet series Rilakkuma since they began but most have been exclusive to one specific Rilakkuma store in Japan so unless you want to pay an arm and leg on ebay or a similar store it was never going to happen. 

So I was very happy when they decided to do a line with a regular release, well not exactly the same as they have called this line Sorbet - however it is fairly similar. 

This Rilakkuma is super soft with a pale cream and light brown fur with light yellow ears and paws. The stitching for the eyes and muzzle is also a more pale brown that usual.

And the inside of the back zipper is cream with turquoise polka dots.

Now I got the smaller sized one, however this kuma is larger than the small size of the My Only Rilakkuma so I don't think the sizes follow the usual kuma plush sizes, but I am not complaining because it means there is more kuma to hug!