Plush Review - Fit Meowth

I've always liked Meowth and now I finally have a little one of my own. 
Pokemon are currently doing a line of plush toys called Fit which is making its way through the first generation of Pokemon. And so I was able to get a little Meowth as these ones fit in the palm of your hand.

Excellent quality with the stitching and face, his whiskers are currently a bit out of shape but that was more due to the packaging he came to me in. I think I will try and iron them a bit flatter.

Now he doesn't sit up very well, better if you put him with his back against something. However I am going to do some DIY with him to make him sit well and I may see if I can get his arms into the beckoning/lucky cat pose as I think that will be cute.

If you are a fan of Meowth and only want a small plush this is the one I think.