Plush Review - Chokkori-san Kero

I decided to pick up this adorable Chokkori-san series version of Kero because he is so adorable!

I'm not sure if I have mentioned before but increasingly I am using Japan Stuffs to pick up plush toys and other items from Japan which are either difficult to get from online retailers or sellout at online retailers very fast. Japan Stuffs is sort of like a shopping service as they go an purchase the items directly from Japanese shops for you. 

They mostly sell pokemon merch but sometimes other series and that is where I find out about this cutie. 

He sits happily on my desk, probably waiting for pudding! his stitching is great and fur soft. The only thing that isn't stellar is his tail which is a bit cheap looking and if you were rough with him I think the white would peal off as it is a kind of transfer, would have much preferred an end to his tail made of fluffy fabric.

However in spite of this I really like him and adore his little blushy cheeks!