Parfom Review - Mercedes

I've been waiting for figma to make some more Odin Sphere figures but in the meantime I could not help but pick up the Parfom version of Mercedes the Queen of Fairyland. 

With slightly chibi proportions this rendition of Mercedes is super cute. Her hair is sculpted nicely with her braids made of soft PVC, her flower crown is lovely - but makes it a little tricky to get her fringe off as it pokes your fingers. Her wings are made of translucent plastic and have two points of articulation. The leaves on her pants are soft PVC to help with movement and her red gem is also translucent plastic which makes it almost glow under certain lights. 

For articulation she has joints similar to those found on figma in her neck, ankles, and wrists. Her knees and elbows however are double jointed like S.H. Figuarts. In general her articulation is great, however there are a few areas that I'm not a fan of. 

The joints themselves do not look as clean and streamline as those of other figures, and I've never been a fan of cut swivels on upper arms and thighs. I also have absolutely no idea why they rounded the bottom of her feet so that there is no way of making her stand on her own! The choice of articulation for the wings is also not great as it is rather restricted, if they had done as figma do and put a regular joint in it would have worked a lot better.

As for paint it is clean and the shading on her hair is lovely. So no complaints here.

For facial expressions she has a neutral face, a smiling face, and a yelling face.

She comes with three pairs of hands, open hands, fists, and ones for holding her crossbow.

Her crossbow is nice with translucent plastic for the bolt head.

And she can hold her crossbow in two ways.

She also comes with a lovely display stand. The sculpting and paintwork on this is lovely.

She can actually sit on the tree stump which is nice.

And there is the choice of having with pond with or without a lilypad.

You can also use her standard clear stand with the display stand by plugging it in underneath.

Overall and in spite of my dislike of the look and movement of some of the joints I think she is worth her price and she is an absolutely beautiful figure.