June to October Loot - Plush Friends

It's been a while and now that I look at the above picture I realize I missed out a few things, but it will have to do.

The items I got which are not pictured here are the Eeveelution figures, a Kero plush, and figma Mumei. Over the last few months things have come in here and there and due to things being busy with work and generally being a little worn out I didn't get around to photographing any figure things until the most recent long weekend!

Anyway first up I got one of the pokemon magnets whose tails you can use to hold keys and other little hangable items. Typically the design is the back of the pokemon and you can bend the tail upwards, with Magicarp however they did his profile and due to his tail design he's going to hold things even though his tail just bends forward not up. I got him more for aesthetic reasons and he now lives on my metal bookshelf.

I also got some more stickers - despite my saying no more stationary until I have used my existing stuff, what can I say my resolve is week >,<

There were a bunch more plush toys I got and one of the Parfom figures. So stay tuned for reviews!