Figma Review - Mumei

I've wanted Mumei for a while because her design is so awesome and so at last I decided to pick her up.

I'm not familiar with the series Mumei is from, however I liked her design so much that I just had to get her. Her sculpt and paint work is up to the high standard I've come to expect from figma and her articulation is excellent.

She is packed full of awesome details and metallic highlights.

For accessories she comes with a bunch, two fringe pieces, one featuring her circlet.

She also comes with three facial expressions, a yelling face, one which is not impressed, and a default happy face.

Now she doesn't come with many alternative hands which is kind of a shame, just having an open pair, fists, and a pair for holding items. The only other's are specifically for holding her guns.

One selling point for me was her coat, however in person it doesn't fit her as snug as the promotional pictures does and so looks a bit off.

Then she comes with her backpack engine and steam guns - very similar but more steampunk in style than the Attack on Titan figmas.

I much prefer these ones however, but that's because I quite like the steampunk aesthetic.

Her guns also have switch blade which is a nice touch.

Overall I am very happy with her and cannot wait to think up a comic involving my new figure!