Bring Arts Review - NieR Automata Machine Set

After watching a Fwoosh youtube review of these guys I just could not resist picking them up. 

I'm always a fan of a robot especially when its a cute one and these guys are pretty cute looking.

They are pretty simple in design but with some nice details, like all their screws and the weathering paint work (also my apologies that some of the photo's are out of focus - been a bit busy to be able to do a re-shoot).

Articulation wise they have ball and socket at the shoulder, then a bicep swivel, and a hinged elbow and wrist - which can pop off when moving them.

Their head have a ball and socket joint and at the tops and bottom of their legs are hinge joints.

So not a heap of articulation but sufficient for their design.

Now they come with a bunch of accessories, including some longer thinner legs, however you will need to use their stand with these ones! I would have preferred a clear stand as it is not so noticeable when on display and is easier to remove in photo-shoots.

There is a savage looking round saw that pegs on in place of the arms, and a heavy machine gun as well. Now removing the bolts in order to put these on was very difficult at first due to the tightness, but I think it will get easier the more you switch them up.

But if that is not enough weapons for you there is also a viscous looking sword as well! and a hand specifically for holding it. 

Below I've just added a photo to show you its inner working as you will pretty much be dismantling them in order to use some of the accessories.

Overall they are very fun figures and I'm already thinking up comic story lines for them. If you like cute robots then these are worth the money.