Figma Review - Syaoran Li

At last we get Sakura's other half, the lovely Syaoran in his traditional fighting garb they he adorns when heading out in search of Clow Cards.

He is very well sculpted and his sleeves don't look too bad when posing him, however you will need to use the stand most of the time as they can make it hard for him to balance. He has all the standard figma articulation with added articulation in each sleeve, though the range of movement is somewhat limited by the sculpt.

All the paint however is good and we get  three facial expression which is nice, a neutral face, a concerned face, and a shouting face.

As standard he comes with hands for holding items, open hands, fists, and then hands for doing his magic pose, and one for holding his charm.

For accessories he comes with his signature sword and its sheath and one of his magical charms. I am somewhat disappointed that they did not include his magic board, but fingers crossed that they will make a school uniform version of Syaoran and maybe one can be included then.

Overall I think if you have Sakura then you need Syaoran too. However if you are not a fan of his costume then maybe further down the line they will be making a school uniform version or a Clear Card version - here's hoping!