Plush Review - Liv Heart Nemu Nemu Pig

As I prepared to leave my parents home, and this time for good - as parent's sold the family home and were moving to the seaside.  I thought I would get them a house warming gift, and what better one than a mini version of the pig I got in Japan, which my mum adores.

She is just as soft and super squishy and even more adorable in miniature. I just can't get enough of these Nemu Nemu plush toys and kind of wish I had bought more in Japan. As shipping the larger sized ones gets pricey.

As you can see she is very small, about the size of a mascot plush in Japan. If you can find any Nemu Nemu plush toys at a good price I recommend getting one, they are good cuddle buddies. Rakuten is where I got this little gal and was a very reasonable price. Or if you are visiting Japan they can be found in general/home stores like Loft or Tokyu Hands.