Figma Review - Mizuki

I'm loving the Pokemon figmas they have been coming out with and the latest one to arrive is Mizuki the female player character from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Her likeness is captured well in figma form and like always the paint work is well executed. She has all your standard figma articulation with a toe hinge which some figmas get, which means you can get her to even more dramatic poses.

She comes with only two facial expressions unfortunately, just like with Red, and one is neutral while the other is excited/shouting. As with Red it would have been nice to get a contrasting expression, maybe a more serious one for her.  

She comes with plenty of optional hands though, a pair open, a pair for holding items, fists, and than some replicating two Z-moves.

She also has one pointing hand and a hand for holding her pokeball.

For accessories she comes with a pokeball, a Z-ring, and her trainer bag.

Then like Red she comes with the three starter Pokemon of her game,  Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio.

They all look great and are in poses slightly different from their standard Moncolle figurine counter parts. If you do want to use these alongside the Moncolle figures just note that these guys are a little bit smaller.

A nice added feature for these guys is that Litten and Popplio can move their heads which gives a few more posing options.

Of note I particularly like that you can remove her hat and her head and there is only a small peg hole which you won't see from most angles, which I find great as I've never liked the look of her hat.

Overall I think she is a really solid figure and a must for any Pokemon fan.