Cu-poche Extra Review - Motorcycle & Sidecar Milk White Version

I picked this up more as an experiment than anything else as I no longer have my Cu-poche figures. I wanted to see if it would work as a sort of hyper-realistic child's toy car for Anzu to ride around in, kind of like those toy cars the super rich by for their kids.

Well it actually kind of works as a regular bike from certain angles for adult sized figma.

It is very well made and nicely painted and come with the option of swapping which side the side-car is on or having the motorcycle without the side-car. I will note though that it is a bit hard and fiddly to get the pieces to snap together. 

Although it is well made I think it is a little over priced when compared to the motorcycles offered in the figma ex:ride series. However if you collect Cu-poche then I think this is a worthwhile purchase.