Figma Review - Snow Miku Snow Owl Version

Yet another Snow Miku but one I initially ummed and ahhed over for too long, however I picked her up in Japan at a good price and I am glad I did. She is just as cute and as detailed as any Snow Miku. 

Her hair is sculpted is swirls and is attached to her hat, which means her hat tends to fall off a lot due to the weight and that you can't get post her without the hat, which is a shame. The hat itself is cute with slots for putting her glasses.

The rest of her sculpt however is great with lots of detail and the paint work is good, mine has a few scuffs and paint transfers but I think that might have been done in transit as I removed my figures from their boxes in order to fit everything into my suitcase on the way home from Japan.

Her articulation is good but her waist joint cannot stay posed despite the soft PVC used on her top. Also her wrists are somewhat restricted by her sleeves. Her hair also is articulated so can be posed dramatically.

She comes with three facial expressions, one smiling, one grinning, and one cheeky (put that tongue away Miku!)

For hands she comes with a pair open, a pair of fists, pointing hands, and hands for holding items.

She also comes with an additional hair piece with her glasses on, and you can remove her scarf and use an alternative scarf.

Then her main feature is a pair of skis and a snowboard, both of which plug into her feet.

Last but not least is her rabbit pal who is also dressed for the snow.

And although he comes with skis of his own I couldn't get mine to fit.

If you are a Miku collector or a fan of sporty figures this is a figma for you, you can get her into some really cool dynamic poses.