Figma Review - Red

When Nendoroid began coming out with Pokemon figures we all held our breath and crossed our fingers for figma versions and thankfully we were given Red in figma form.

They captured the likeness of Red really well and the baggy pants are sculpted real good. However they did make two odd design choices. They made little slits at the top of his vest near his arm and at the hip, I think the though behind this was to improve movement, however for the arms it makes little difference and for the legs it does mean he can high kick with ease but he's not really a character to do that so I would rather not have them as they look odd.

As for articulation it all works really well and the paint work excellent.

He comes with two facial expressions however I would have liked a smiling or neutral face, he's just a bit too serious, in the Origin's anime he was also very fun loving at times so it would have been great if they had included a facial expression to reflect this.

For hands you get a pair of fists, a pair of open hands, hands for holding items, a pointing hand, a hand for tilting his hat (for when he means business), one for lightly holding a pokeball, and one for grasping it tightly.

He comes with one pokeball and his backpack which looks really good, and if you've been following me for a while you will know that I love a figure with a bag.

And then last but not least you get all three starter Pokemon in cute action poses. They are all painted very well and are adorable.

Red figma is a definite get if you are an old school fan of Pokemon, however coming out soon is the Alolan Female character if you prefer the newer games. Personally I have her on pre-order as I love both the old and the new.