Figma Review - Miyoi Hachikuji

Miyoi Hachikuji is a figma I've been wanting for ages, ever since I missed out of pre-orders way back in the day and now that I finally have her in hand I am as pleased with her as I expected to be. 

Her sculpt is adorable with all the cute details on her clothes painted perfectly. I particularly love the paint work under her shoes.

As for articulation she has the old figma problem of a mostly useless waist joint, and I wish they had altered the angle of the ball joints on her hair as they can get in the way at times no matter which way you move them.

For facial expressions she has a neutral face, a closed eye smiling, and an angry or objecting expression. All look good with cute blushing on her cheeks.

For hands you get some open, a pair of fists, some pointing, ones for holding items, and some claw like hands for when she's fighting. Her bracelet can also come off if you wish.

She then comes with some crouching legs which look great and she has her over-sized backpack. And surprisingly in spite of its size she can stand up with the backpack on unassisted, but there is a hole for a figma stand when needed.

And lastly she comes with an open and a closed version of her umbrella.

Over all she is great little figure and is from the days when figma came with a ton of accessories, oh how I miss those days. If you are a fan of Bakemonogatari she is a definite get.