Figma Review - Mato Kuroi

Mato Kuroi is the human version of Black Rock Shooter, and although I no longer have my Black Rock Shooter I wanted another body with this school uniform but her facial expressions are so cute I may use her head on another body as well. 

Her sculpt is very dynamic with good movement shown in her uniform so it looks really good when posed with her basket ball. Her articulation is good as usual and her paint is also very good, however the blue on her sleeve has rubbed onto her white top, but not sure if this happened in transit as I had to take all my figures out of their boxes in order to fit everything in my luggage on the way back from Japan. 

One unique design is her shoes, they are designed so that although being high-tops you still tilt her feet which helps when putting her into sporting poses. Her hair is also on ball and socket joints. 

For facial expressions you get a neutral face, a smirking face, and a laughing face (which is totally adorable). 

For hands there are open hands, a pair of fists, a pair of pointing hands, and ones for holding items.

She also comes with a school bag whose strap is on a hinge which is really cool as it means you are not limited to posing her with the bag in a set way. 

She also has a cellphone a basket ball and a hand for holding it and some indoor school shoes.

I do recommend her for fans of Black Rock Shooter or just fans of school uniform figures as she comes with plenty of accessories and is good quality for the price you can find her at.