Gachapon Review - Mimikyu

As Mimikyu has become my second favourite Pokemon I had to get some Mimikyu's for my comics and although I think I over paid for these I do not regret it.

First up is a Mimikyu whose disguise has fallen due to attack - apart from some messy molding at the back of the neck he is very cute.

Then there is a standard Mimikyu of which I have the Moncolle version. These are slightly smaller than the Moncolle figures.

Then there is an attacking pose of which I had already picked up the Moncolle version before finding this set. But I like how the yellow eyes are semi-transparent on this one.

Then there is a super dark attack pose and you can actually take him out of the purple effect if you want.

And lastly an empty Pikachu costume - where did Mimikyu go!

Highly recommend getting these guys if you can find the set online. I can't wait to use them in a comic.