Figure News - Wonfes 2018 Reveals

Often what we see in Nendoroid form we will see in figma form at some point and I am hoping that is the case for the Clear Card Sakura, I've been watching the new series and I am really enjoying it. 

They also have a Kamina Nendo which I also hope we will see in figma form as he is one of my favourite male characters. 

As for actual figmas we are getting another persona character who looks intriguing to me, even though I haven't kept up to date with Persona. 

I can't remember what these two were from but they look cute and they come with figma sized chairs!

And we are getting some magical girls and although I don't watch many magical girl shows I always like the figures as their clothes are adorable. 

And surprisingly figma are doing a version of Alien - I might have to get it.

And as I was hoping for we are getting a Lily figma, however I would have preferred her other outfit.  

Then there is another war anime girl and I really like the design of this one. 

Then as we have been getting a number of Fate Apocrypha we will be getting a Saber and I really like her design.

I forget what this guy is from but I am always glad to see male figmas.

And I'm not really sure if these are figma or a new figure line from Max Factory but I particularly like the Alice in Wonderland inspired one. 

What figures are you excited for?