Travel Diary - Japan Loot

At long last I am getting around to this! Anyway I think it goes without saying that I spent a lot of money - but I went there knowing that I would want to and I had taken on extra contract work in order that I could have fun - plus I wanted to do all my Christmas shopping in Japan as well.

So I picked up a bunch of figure stuff. I didn't find any second hand figures though which were a huge steal but when you don't have to pay shipping it does make it a little cheaper so I did pick up some ones which I have been thinking of getting for a while - also got Pokemon figures to use in comics.

Also did a lot of Gacha because its fun!

And of course I picked up many plush toys. Reviews of most of the figures and plush toys will follow at some point. Plush reviews might take a while though as I've already begun packing some stuff in prep for us putting our house up for sale - we need to de-clutter!

I was also super lucky to find one of the highly sort after Pokemon colouring books in the Osaka Pokemon Center - cannot wait to start filling it up.

And I got the two book pack from the Studio Ghibli Museum - one is all the concept art that was done when planning the museum and one with photo's taken of some of the awesome things in and around the museum. The set also came with a beautiful long poster of Miyazaki's drawing of the museum - at some point I will get it professionally framed.

I got it back in one piece as I popped it on my umbrella which I had as part of my carry on - oh and I totally forgot to take a photo of the amazing umbrella I bought in Kyoto - looks like one of the traditional ones you see Geisha with in paintings.

Also got a notebook sleeve which looks like the book in Mary and the Witches Flower and a badge of the Ghibli Museum crest - just need to think of what to sew it on to.

Then I got some fashion and beauty items. I went to a famous make up store in Kyoto (used to make the make-up Geisha wore) I got a Yuzu and Sakura perfume and a Yuzu lip balm. Then I got a cool chocker and bag from W❤C - on it is a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade which I have been wanting for ages.

One of my best friends gave me some money for my trip and with it I bought an amazingly soft and warm Totoro scarf - I love it because it is not overtly fan girl as that's not really my style.

I also got another scarf a sort of green, blue, and red tartan (very soft) and a black and gold glitter cropped sweater - forgot to take photo's of these as they went straight into the wash when I got back (which is when I took these photos - now packed away with winter clothes).

I finally got a much wanted wicker purse - this is big enough for your phone and wallet and that's about it but it's what I wanted. Also got a bunch of socks - this was me showing real restraint.

Also got a bunch of charms/keychains as I like to attach them to zippers to make it easier to open things and I wanted some small items to remind me of specific places. I'm now one of those people who have little things sitting at their work desk!

Another two small practical things is a sunglass cleaning wipe and a Korilakkuma charm that cleans your phone screen.

I also was very strict and only let myself bring back a few nail polishes - there are so many amazing ones in Japan and they are very affordable. I've pretty much used the one with clear iridescent circles in it every week - so versatile because it looks different depending on which base colour you use (for those who don't know I love having pretty nails and have a problem on account of it - so many nail polishes!).

Oh and I also forgot to take pictures but I got two Kimono jackets - they are worn over a Kimono or Yukata. I got them at the temple market - one is black with gold and metalic blue flecks on it and is short (about waist height) and a white one with an embosed style pattern of flowers which is full length. I have worn the black one out to town once already with a black mini dress and boots - was a very chic look.

One area which I failed at was bringing back food - kept putting it off saying I'll get my favourite snacks on the last day and by then I had spent all my money - what I did have I ended up eating while waiting at the airport because I got hungry!

I did manage to bring my cookies back from Alice on Wednesday - they say Eat Me!

A cool thing I recommend getting is Postcards as they are so cheap and you can always frame them later which is what I plan on doing with the awesome and adorable Dumbo sketches.

I also got a new coffee mug from the Cinnamoroll Cafe (mine broke before I left so that gave me an excuse) and I had been wanting the mini ramekan Moomin House ever since I saw pictures of it online - you can get it from the Moomin House Cafe at Sky Tree. And the gorgeous bowl I got at the temple market I went to.

The Ghibli Music CD I bought with the remainder of the money my friend gave me and the other CD I bought from a Hang Drum musician who was busking in the Bamboo Forest in Kyoto.

Now comes the gift section. For my littlest nieces (the twins) I got coin purses, hair clips (from the market), and some Winnie the Pooh notepads. For my Nephew whose about to start University studying to be a chief I got a good quality made in Japan kitchen knife, a lemon spritzying thing and some cool plates. Then for the older nieces I got plush backpacks and little plush keychain plush.

For my brother I got a cool mug and an awesome graphic T-shirt and for his wife some cool handmade items from the market.

For my sister I got a few plush things - a large Rilakkuma as she is a fan of my small one and a plush pass case. As my other brother doesn't really like owning a lot of things I thought a few funny characters could be put on the dashboard of his car.

As my mother has a collection of small pots from various potters I got her one from the market made by an Okinawan artist and a Piglet to sit on her desk as she loves Piglet and pigs.

For my dad who likes Snoopy and trains what better gift than a Snoopy Train Driver! Also got a tote bag from the Snoopy Tea House as he uses them for carrying food and things in when going on days out (usually just freebie ones he's picked up at expo's).

For one of my best friends I got her some plush toys and a Cheshire Cat tote as she loves Alice in Wonderland and for my other bestie who loves Ghibli I got her an awesome keychain and holder Catbus and a sleeping Totoro plush. I also got her some tea from Alice on Wednesday which I forgot to include in the photo.

As I had a few Secret Santa's I got some Ghibli stuff for the one on Christmas Day at my house and the Snow-Pikachu became part of another one while the Kiiroitori has joined my roster of Christmas decorations.

Lastly I got a ton of stationary because I have a major problem!

Adorable stickers! Some of which are for my scrapbook of my trip.

Some large notepades.

Some smaller notepads.

Some memo and letter papers.

So that is my Japan haul! I also had to buy a large suitcase to bring it all back in and it just about all fit - my large whale shark plush and umbrella had to be carried.

I had such a good time beside the sore feet and the crowds and I cannot wait to visit Japan again!