Travel Diary - Day 7 - Temples and Markets

I spotted this Coypu or Nutria upon leaving my hotel on the morning of Day 7. Apparently it's an introduced animal from South America which is now a pest - but it is so cute! 

 Moving along this morning I headed early to Kinkakuji and arrived a little before it opened.

It was a small temple but the grounds were beautiful non-the-less.

I am glad it was a bit rainy when I was in Kyoto as it meant that the moss and the leaves all glistened in the morning light.

After taking far too many photos I left and made my way down the Philosopher's Path a little foot path which follows a stream from Kinkakuji to Nazenji.

I walked fairly slow as my feet were once again extremely sore in spite of painkillers. But it was peaceful and not really busy at all.

I stopped in at a famous cosmetic store along the way - one which used to cater to Geisha. I picked up some Yuzu lip-balm and some perfume.

After making it back for a rest I headed out to Toji where a market was happening - it only happens on the 21st of each month. I did not get any photos unfortunately because in-spite of information which said it was on till 4:30pm stalls were beginning to close shortly after 3pm so I headed around quickly picking up Christmas gifts and some things for myself.

Was really worth it though as there was pottery new and used and second hand kimono's and hand-crafted goods all for very reasonable prices!