Travel Diary - Day 4 - Mainly Eating

As my feet were very sore I decided not to visit Minoo Park and the long walk from to the waterfall. Instead I decided to visit some of the places I missed on Day  2 due to feeling unwell.

So I checked out of my hotel put my stuff in a coin locker and headed to Dotonbori. This morning was raining and so there weren't that many people about. First I had some over-priced but delicious grilled crab legs, then some Takayuki, on which I burnt my tongue as it is very hard not to do when trying to decide if its cooled down enough on the inside.

Feeling very happy with my food choices I then ambled around some side streets until Gram was open at which point - stupidly fluffy pancakes!

Afterwards I tried to find a certain shop but it didn't appear to be where the map said it was and as there is another one in Harajuku I gave up and heading to Kyoto.

This time it was very easy to find my hotel and it is in a nice quiet neighbourhood full of Japanese style houses - utterly picturesque. This time I've got a spacious Tatami room as it can fit two people. I will have to take a picture of the corridor sometime because it looks like a little alleyway - a very cool if not still in progress design.

Almost immediately I headed out again as I needed to get to Nishiki Market before it closed!

Saturday night though - so crowded - and I experienced some serious claustrophobia in some sections of this very narrow jostling street. I'm glad I persevered though as I found what I was looking for!

A Snoopy tea-house. Even though it was still early I decided to have my dinner and so I ordered this yummy dish. I have to say that so far I do not get the whole - food is bad at character cafes - it actually has all been very delicious.

Also I am not sure if it is due to the fact that when I am out and about I tend to be less hungry (not sure why that it) but I am not finding the portion sizes too small as I have heard some people say - in face I've not actually finished a meal so far. Feel bad because I keep leaving food on the plate - but I've made an effort to say Oishii to the serving staff so they know I found the food yum. 

Afterwards I headed for the Kyoto Pokemon Centre and felt my first pang of disappointment - no Maiko Pikachu plush! Apparently it's sold out and will not restock. I'll have to see if I can maybe find it at a second-hand store in Tokyo!

Then I headed for dessert at the Cinnamoroll Cafe.

I think this cafe is he cutest yet with plush toys adorning the room and beautiful artwork on the walls.

This time I was given a friend to dine with!

I decided to get the tiramisu as it was garden themed like the cafe - time to dig in!

Very tired I headed back to the hotel and sorted my room out - I am not all set for the next couple of days.