Travel Diary - Time to Pack

The time has come, the time to pack. As people often wonder about what to bring and like me will check out posts others have done regarding what they packed I thought I would do the same.

It will be Autumn when I am there and I am going with a layering strategy taking only two dresses but some tops I can wear with them to change up my look as well as one oversized jumper and a super fluffy coat for the early morning and late evening temple and shrine visits. I'm taking only two pairs of shoes but I am taking plenty of socks and undergarments.

I have my quick dry towel and flannel and a dry bag for keeping the flannel in after drying my hands. In most restrooms they don't have hand towels or dryers.

I then have my toiletries and my electronics. I'll be taking a multi plug which I can plug into my adapter, all the cords and things I need for my camera, laptop, headphones, and portable charger.

Then for during the flight I have a colouring book, a book I've been meaning to read, some snacks, and all the important things like my passport and wallet. I also have a neck pillow.

On the way I am not using check in luggage so everything is going in my duffel and my carry-on sized suitcase. As I want minimal creasing I've rolled up everything and I am not using my compression bags (will use on the way home though).

I put all of my clothes on one side and on the other goes my shoes, a bag full of all the cables and chargers, and the backpack I will be using on a daily basis.

While I was packing through I found that the coat took up too much room even in the compression bag so I swapped my flight outfit slightly.

All the things I need easy access to for customs and what I want to use on the plane went in my duffel bag.

Now my duffel actually fits snuggly on my suitcase handle which will make getting about with my luggage much easier. So that's be packed (for the most part, somethings need to go in the morning of).