Travel Diary - Oh The Places We'll Go

Only two more sleeps!!!!!! It's been a long time coming and the excitement hasn't yet hit me in full as I've still been busy with other things - but I am sure tomorrow after I've finished making sure all the Board reports are done I will be bouncing off the walls with excitement!

In the meantime I thought I would share with you my final Itinerary.
Day 1
I fly out at 10:30am Wednesday the 15th and arrive in Osaka at 5:30pm.
Once I've picked up a Data Sim for my phone and checked into my accommodation I will head to Shinsekai for dinner and visit a Mega Don Quijote.
Day 2
I start the day with a visit to The Art of Disney exhibit at the Osaka Museum of Fine Arts.
Then I head to Kaiyukan Aquarium to see the whale sharks! (freaking love whale sharks)
Rest of the day is spent exploring Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori.
Day 3
I jump on the train to Himeji to see its amazing castle, then late afternoon I explore the Umeda area and visit the German Christmas Market at the Umeda Sky Building.
Day 4
I check out of my accommodation and after storing my luggage away I head to Minoo Park.
In the afternoon I head to Kyoto. After checking in I do some shopping around Shijo-dori.
Day 5
First thing I head to Kifune then make my way to Kurama-dera. Later I head to Hein Shrine and explore the Gion area.
Day 6
I spend the morning in Arashiyama then head to Uji and end the day at Fushimi-inari.
Day 7
I start the day at the Kobu-san Market then catch a bus to Ginkakuji and following the Philosopher's Path visit a bunch of other temples and shrines.
Day 8
Another temple hopping day which includes, then a visit to Nijo Castle for their Art Aquarium exhibit followed by some dinner around Pontocho and Kiyamachi.
Day 9
After checking out I head straight to Tokyo to see the Imperial Palace Gardens, then before heading to my accommodation I check out the Nabe and Chrysanthemum Festivals at Hibiya Park.
After checking in I head to Tokyo Sky tree.
Day 10
This is day is figure hunting starting at Akihabara then Nakano and lastly Ikebukuro.
Day 11
In the morning I head to Todoroki Valley then spend the rest of the day exploring the neighbourhoods of Jiyugaoka and Daikanyama before heading to Jingugaien Icho Namiki Avenue for a festival.  
Day 12
This day I make my way from Harajuku to Shibuya before heading to Roppongi to see the Shinkai Makoto exhibit at the National Art Center Tokyo followed by a visit to the Snoopy Museum.
Day 13
Starts with some Totoro cream puffs in Shimo-kitazawa then a visit to the Studio Ghibli Museum. For the remainder of the day I explore Kichijoji and Koenji.
Day 14
I head back to explore Harajuku and Omotesando in more detail, visiting the Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park on my way. The day is then finished at Yanaka Ginza.
Day 15
I head to Shinjuku Gyoen in the morning then in the afternoon I visit Sanrio Puroland and on the way back go see the Jewllumination at Yomiuri Land and pop in to Rikugien Gardens for their evening illumination.
Day 16
After I finish crying about it being my last day I visit Asakusa in the morning before heading to Ginza for the day making sure to see the Ghibli clock a Shiodome Station before heading to Haneda Airport to catch my 10:00pm flight home.
So that is a very brief rundown of what I am getting up to and where I plan to go. I am not sure if I will be uploading posts daily or if I will wait till I get home to share my trip with you. It all depends on how anti-social/tired I feel in the evenings. As I am traveling alone it would be nice to get to know some other travelers in the evenings when staying in places with shared lounges.