October Loot - Capture Me

So not a very big haul this time - actually had another figma but have sold that (was a duplicate Gwendolyn) but anyway I thought I would share as I didn't want this to get lost in the what I expect to be massive post Japan haul!

So I picked up figma Yukari as I think she is such a cute character and I seem to have a thing about figmas which come with bags - crazy bag lady (actually I've reduced my number of bags recently). I also ended up with another Gwendolyn as I pre-ordered from Amiami without really thinking as the one with the wings was only sold through Goodsmile Online.

As I got really busy I didn't get around to cancelling and I figured I could just sell it on after which I have done.

I also got some Cardcaptor stationary - I love Cardcaptors and merch for it is so rare thus I had to get something when I brought a range out a little while ago.
Like I mentioned above the next loot post will be post Japan and as I have been working extra jobs lately I have plenty of money to buy heaps of Christmas gifts for friends and family as well as for myself. I will try and do a what I am packing and an updated itinerary post soon but I leave next Wednesday so we will see!