Figma Review - Snow Miku Twinkle Snow Version

This has to be the cutest the Snow Miku or regular Miku full stop! I had to have her.

Her design is ultra adorable and reminds me of lolita fashion and they have put in real thought to every aspect of her sculpt, from the shear overlay to the star-shaped earings.

Her articulation is the standard Figma joint system with added articulation for each pony-tail. Her leg movement is somewhat restricted by the dress and her wrists by the sleeves but both can be worked around.

The paint work is also excellent with her hair gradient and snowflake details being particularly nice. All the gold is nicely done and I like the mix of blues.

For accessories she comes with a singing expressions, a curious expression, and a happy expression. She also comes with a pair of open hands, point hands, and fists, there is also a pair for holding items and one hand for holding her conductor's baton.

Additional accessories are her lantern, her conductor's baton which comes with an effect piece, and a music stand and book. The effect piece is very nicely painted with sparkles and her book is separate from the stand with notes painted on the inside and the stand has some snow flake embellishment.

She also comes with her little friend Yukine who is wearing a matching scarf and star piece. He is very cute but only his head moves so I am not sure how much use I will get out of him in terms of comics and photography.

And lastly is the crescent moon which has an alternative piece so that it can be held up by the Figma stand. She also comes with an alternative skirt piece to be used in conjunction with the moon so that she can sit upon it.

Over all I highly recommend this figure and she may just become my favourite Figma.