Figure-rise Effect Review - Aura Effect

Watch out Tamashii a new effects line is out - the Figure-rise effects are more affordable but with that they do not have any paint and require some assembly. Even so they are very nice and definitely worth getting. 

So all the pieces come in model kit format and require cutting to get the pieces free.  Now the aura effect pieces are made of very thin and brittle plastic so be careful as they feel like they could be easily broken.

I like how you get two effects in one as you get the aura style and also lightening style. You also have the option to display everything at once on the stand or you can join two stands together for a more spread out effect.

Both the blue and the yellow options are good and although there is no paint work they look really good and I love how you get way more posing options with this set.

The stand arm isn't great as you have to take it apart every time you want to adjust the angle, however it is covered with holes that you can use to plug in the effects or the extra stand pieces which also in turn can be used to plug in the effects. 

I think this is a line which is really going to be worth getting - even though its more fragile and lacks paint in comparison to the Tamashii line it is cheaper and has more display options per set.