Black Series Review - 40th Anniversary R2D2

I've been on the look out for an R2D2 figure for ages but they are either very expensive or sell-out super fast so I snapped this up the moment I saw it at the local store. It is from the 40th Anniversary release and has just as good articulation and accessories as the more expensive lines.

He looks really good and his paint work is very good - he is missing some line work but that is something I can add quite easily in the future if I want to.

To get his third leg you simply turn his head around and out it comes!

He also came with lots of accessories - his two side panels open and you can pull out his two arms and his top compartments pop off and you can plug in his different scopes and Luke's lightsaber.

The lightsaber is also nicely painted. And lastly he has extra leg pieces for his rockets and awesomely my muzzle effect pieces can fit onto them to give him blast-off!

In terms of size he is in scale with the other Black Series figures and he also works well with Figma.

If you come accross this guy and don't already have an R2D2 I would say get him because he is totaly worth it and I am very happy with him!