Travel Dairy - A Penguin in Japan

It's finally happening! I am going to Japan - squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I can't believe it is finally going to happen, circumstances as well as finances have meant it kept getting pushed back but I am now in stable employment and the ticket price was right so it's booked!

I've planned it so hopefully I will be in Kyoto at the peak of the autumn foliage as in NZ all our native trees are ever green so never really seen a proper autumn before.

So I have 3 nights in Osaka, 5 nights in Kyoto, and 6 nights in Tokyo. I'll be taking a ton of money with me as there are some things I want to hunt for plus I will get everyone (family and friends) awesome Christmas gifts!

That's all for now. More info will come closer to the time regarding what I am going to be up to whilst there.