Black Series Review - First Order Stormtrooper

I've been wanting a Stormtrooper for a while and although this is not my first choice from the reviews I had seen they said it was okay.

Now although he looks cool, up close it is very noticeably that he is not up to the same quality as a Revoltech or S.H. Figuarts. However it is not terrible and is good quality for a range which is targeted to toy stores.

He came with two guns and only the hands already on him which are made to hold the guns - soo he kinda looks weird when he's not holding anything.

As for articulation I kinda feel cheated by the reviews that I had watched that seemed to imply that he has only a little less than other versions. In my opinion he has basic articulation as his elbows although double jointed hardly move due to sculpt and one of his knee's is completely stuck and I can't get it to move no matter how much pressure I apply!

So the verdict - you should wait to till you can find a S.H. Figuart one comes up at a reasonable price (which is what I might do when I'm in Japan at the end of the year).