April to May Loot - The Big Three-Oh!

April turned to May in no time at all and with it came some Birthday treats for me. I managed to nab myself an Easter Pikachu (using a personal shopper type website). Same went for the other two chu's. I got my inheritance and with money from my family an awesome clutch.

From my second personal shopper I also got some Pokemon Centre freebies!

And I found a Stormtrooper at a local toy store.

From Type - a local stationary and odds and ends type store I picked up this cool sequined tote. It is to replace my poor Pompompurin Tote that got blown out of my hand in the wind and got holes poked in it! This one is so fun because you can make pictures with it to pass the time.

Typo have also been doing a Disney theme at the moment and I got this cool notebook which I will make into a scrap book of my adventures - so far my Wellington trip and my Birthday at Hobbiton are in there. Honestly I could not resist it even though its a bit pink for me, the words just sum me up.

Also from that theme I got this cute star coin purse and I also got a new wallet as mine was falling apart.

Just realised my wallet's and book match - lol not intentional!

I also did another order from Kawaii Shop Japan and picked up some Bananya and Sentimental Circus stationary.

 At the same time decided to pick up the Cinnamoroll collection notebook.

And I got my first folding memo - previously I was unsure if these were sticky like post-it notes. Thankfully they are not.

Like always they gave me a ton of free memo papers - I really like the space bunnies and cat!
I got some of the Pokemon time stickers - I really love the Pokemon time designs.

From my local Kitty Shop I got some cute notebooks - how adorable is Gudetama in a raincoat!

My free gifts were fun and I was surprise to see that the tissues were actually printed with Pokemon!

With some money I got from my family I picked up this awesome clutch from French Connection (I store I had previously never stepped foot it - now it might become a favourite haunt).

I also mentioned I received my inheritance - well that is too say for my 30th Birthday I was given my Grandmother's engagement ring. It is sooo pretty. We need to get it revalued and re-sized (my Grandmother had tiny hands and fingers). I am not sure how much it will cost though as its gold plated platinum! I guess I better get some insurance for it too as those a good quality diamonds. Apparently my Grandfather spent the money he had for a deposit on a house on the ring instead.

So that's it for May - well there is a large order from Amiami coming but that prob wont arrive at mine till June.