Tamashii Effect Review - Wind

Tamashii have slowly been churning out effects pieces their latest being the wind effects. This time around I ended up getting both colour options as I thought they might work well with some of my magical girl figmas.

This time the quality is much improved as there are no scratches or defects on mine. Below is a picture of what all the pieces look like together.

You can however deconstruct the effect using only the pieces that you like. Now there are two floor pieces and three other pieces which attach to the main swirl via pegs.

As you can see without all the additions the main swirl can be rater bare.

Now the floor pieces do have holes where you can plug them into a regular figure stand. It is worth while noting that if you forced the smaller pieces onto a regular stand they might not fit snuggle back on their own pegs as they are a smaller circumference.

The main swirl also has a place where you can plug it into the regular stand.

This time around I would say they are worth getting especially if you have some magical girls or action heroes who you want to display in action poses.