S.H. Figuarts Review - Body-chan Solid Black Colour Version

Following the disappointment of the Figma Archetype I had this Body-chan from S.H. Figuarts ordered. But this time my hope wasn't to do head and body swapping but to use her as a character in my comics (which you will see in upcoming story lines - and yes I have done some story boarding for a new series).

Now Body-chan has the usual problems which stops me from buying S.H. Figuarts figures - she is extremely thin and has hardly any weight to her so you have to balance her just so. She also suffers from the very unappealing and overly visible joint design. In particular her shoulders look awful and the floating sort of butterfly part is more a hindrance to the articulation than a help. Her hips also have a floating part which although this time it doesn't hinder articulation it does make it look as if she is wearing layered underpants!

Good notes on her articulation are that she has double jointed elbows and knees - though I can't get the second part of the knee joint to work on mine and I don't want to force it.

And I hate to be so negative but why oh why did they have to brand her! and metal parts in her joints look bad as well.

As for accessories she comes with a pair of closed fists, a pair of open hands, a pair of relaxed hands, and a pair of hands for holding items.

Now as I don't like being so negative all the time I will end on a good note - despite her flaws I did know about the look and joint design going in so I am not really disappointed and she will suit my purposes well. As for whether you should get one? If you want her as a drawing reference I would say you get better range of movements with a proper art doll/puppet thing. So really she is only good if you want a shadow creature to attack people or a Peter-Pan shadow type character in your line up.