January to March Loot - Grumpy Panda

Oh dear I did it again - no posts for ages!!!! In all fairness since my last post I quit my job picked up a short term contract (which ended up being a rather full on role) and when that finished I got a new permanent role. So I've been rather busy - But I'm back now so lets get up to speed.

In Jan I got some cute Pokemon and some stationary. I was lucky enough to find an Alolan Vulpix and Mimikyu at Hobby Link Japan as they sold out super quick everywhere else.

And from Amiami I got some cute memo pads - as if I don't have enough already!

I also got some awesome letter sets - now I have to write some letters.

Over February to March I got some other goods. In February I had a weekend away to Wellington (NZ's capital) with my friend and I picked up a cute watermelon pouch and a grumpy panda bag.

The watermelon pouch I got from a local arts market - I've been wanting something like this for a while but was waiting to find one which was not printed fabric. This one is made of plush material which stitching for the seeds.

The panda bag I found in a store called Wonderland which was full of pouches and bags of cat and dog faces all smiling and happy - a few other animals featured including this very grumpy looking panda (I could not resist - it makes me laugh so much).
Back home in Auckland I visited the local Kitty Shop and got some soft Gudetama socks - too cute! (please excuse that they are a bit dirty - I wear them around the house instead of slippers)

At the same time I could not resist this charm - not sure where I'm going to hang it from though.

I also finally fulfilled a childhood dream as I now have a pet tarantula courtesy of Auckland Zoo Shop. His name is Boris.

  Also I got a figma - omg it feels like ages since I've had a new figure!

And lastly I picked up some anime - so far I've watched two of them (don't bother with The Empire of Corpses - its a mess of a story)

As always reviews will follow for the figures and plush and the reviews.