Revoltech Review - Figure Complex Character Revo Korilakkuma

Korilakkuma is the mischievous friend of Rilakkuma who has also made her home at Kaoru's.


Just like with Rilakkuma she looks pretty naff when standing. Instead of swivel joints and curved legs they should have gone with straight legs with a joint at the top and his arms should really be more to the side with an extra, small joint at the elbow. These changes would have made her look good in any pose but like I said I knew that wasn't the case going into it. What we get instead are awkward joints which don't do much, save her head which is on a double neck joint. Which means that she only looks cute when posed as lying down or sitting.

First up she comes with her toy duck? I think its a duck - it is a shame they didn't include the remote control that you often see her with as the toy is an RC.

There is also the pink pillow which is indented so that Korilakkuma can lie down on it, however the indents shape doesn't seem to match her in any way I can work out. It looks as if you should be able to plug her into it but what ends up happening is you awkwardly rest her on it.

Over all I would not recommend this figure as she only looks cute sometimes and is a pain to pose.