NoseChara Review - Pompompurin

The adorable golden retriever with the brown beret. Friend to Hello Kitty and Cinnamonroll this little guy has had a ton of new merch come out as it was his 20th Anniversary this year.

This set of purin is actually a Japanese stacking game, however I picked them up so that my figures can have their very own pompom pal!

Now the quality of these guys is really good for their size and price and I am very happy with them.

First up we have a purin holding his little friend and then there is a startled looking purin.

There is a cute purin nibbling on his beret and one crouching down with his tail in the air.

Then there is one who looks like he is doing star-jumps.

Next up is classic puppy head tilt.

Another crouching purin but this time looking down.

Yet another crouching pompom but with a different facial expression.

A happy running purin.

A sitting pompom with a rather odd expression.

And finally a sleeping purin.

Over all I am very pleased with the variety of poses and expressions and they are also rather fun to try and stack as well!