May Loot - Bigger on the Inside


May was my birthday month and I kinda went a bit crazy. I picked up some adorable Pokemon plush toys and a Tardis - which I have been wanting for ages.

I also got some other cute plush toys, some storage for my bedside table and a whole heap of Pompompurin.

I managed to get these cute charms from the Pokemon Easter 2016 series.

And like I mentioned before a Tardis! Now I've been wanting this for my figures ever since a fellow figure photographer put up photos of his figures with it.

The Tardis is also very interactive with lights and sound and came with a cool back drop. And yes I know the box is very damaged and the Tardis wasn't in the best condition but they don't make these any more so seeing one for a sale is a rare occurrence.

I picked up a cute Rilakkuma storage box for keeping odds and ends in on my bedside table. It is very cute.


It is also very well constructed and sturdy.

At the same time I decided to get some props for my figures so I picked up some weapon effects.

And I got this cool riot police gear as well.

And last but not least I got a pack of Pompompurn. I believe it is a staking game, however I plan on using them as pet puppy for my figurines.