Figma Review - Yomi Takanashi

Yomi and her other self Dead Master is the antagonist of the Black Rock Shooter series. Yomi unlike her other self Dead Master is a gentle, good natured girl. However underneath the polite exterior she often feels lonely and jealous.


As far as paint goes she is what you expect from a figma, her paint work is good with no mistakes to be seen. Her sculpt is also spot on capturing her innocent school girl look. And once again the movement in her clothes makes her come alive.

As for articulation she uses all the old standard joints and as per usual in only a few places is her movement restricted by the sculpt. She cannot look up very far and her skirt limits a little of her leg movement but these are common problems with figmas.

Accessories The first accessories Yomi comes with are three face pieces, the first is her default smiling face, the second is an unimpressed face, and the third is a super happy face. As for hands you get open hands as default, a pair of fists, a hand for holding her cellphone and one for texting, hands for holding her Vollyball, and hands for holding items.

She also comes with a school bag, a Vollyball, her cell phone, and a pair of shoes for wearing inside.

A great thing about this figure and why I wanted to get her is that her faces are interchangeable with Dead Masters.

Over all I think she is definitely worth getting if you have Dead Master.