Figma Review - Mokoto Kusanagi

Mokoto is a full-body prosthesis augmented-cybernetic human from the Ghost in the Shell series. Mokoto a.k.a the Major is a strong-willed and highly intellectual women who uses both her physical strength and intelect to solve crime.


As far as paint goes she is what you expect from a figma, her paint work is good with no mistakes to be seen. And even though at first glance it may appear that she is just painted black there is actually several shades and a mix of matte and gloss which makes her clothing very interesting. The sculpt is also exceptionally good using soft pieces of plastic in places so that she has a full range of movement.

As for articulation she uses all the standard joints and this time around there are no limits to her articulation.

The first accessories Mokoto comes with are three face pieces, the first is her default stern face, the second is a smiling face, and the third is an angry face. She also comes with some alternative hair pieces featuring her visor.

As for hands you get open hands as default, a pair of fists, hands for holding her weapons, and hands for holding items.

Her final accessories are her weapons, a hand gun and an assault rifle.

Over all I highly recommend her - the articulation is great, her design and execution is impeccable and Motoko is just simply bad-ass.