End of March Loot - Magical Rabbit

Yet more March loot! My gosh its been a busy month - I did have one more large order due for March but its been delayed so I guess now it will be April loot. As for what I finished March off with I ordered this adorable Amuse backpack because I had points at Tokyo Otaku Mode which I had to use up before they expired and the figma I got from Mandarake for an excellent price which will be featuring in an upcoming comic.

The figma Homura I managed to find on Mandarake for a very good price as the box was all scuffed and the item had been opened, however I don't think the actual figure had been used as everything was still wrapped and the stand and hands were still sealed - perhaps the original owner decided on getting another one after opening as there are some noticeable paint errors which is uncommon for figma. These I will talk about in the review.

Over all I am very happy with my purchases Panpy is the most adorable and softest backpack ever and Homura will serve my purposes well.