Plush Review - MochiFuwa - Ditto


Ditto the adorable pink blob Pokemon whose only move is to mimic other Pokemon. I've always loved Ditto, I mean look at that happy/derpy face! So of course I wanted to get my hands on a Ditto plush and this one is perfect.

This plush was advertised as a cushion/pillow, hence the die cut style of it. Now the plush was not as big as I was expecting being closer to your standard square cushion in size than a pillow, however that being said it is the most squishy and soft cushion/pillow I have ever felt, it is like resting your head on a cloud! I don't know what they stuffed it with but its amazing.


As for the fabric its a short soft fur and the stitching on Ditto's eyes and mouth was good - there was one loose thread which I had to snip but apart from that I am thoroughly pleased with my little pink blob.