More March Loot - A New Friend

First off before I get into it I just want to mentioned that I sold my camera in order to put money towards a new one thus in the meantime I am borrowing a camera which isn't up to the same standard.

Okay now that is out of the way I can talk about my new loot. By now many Rilakkuma fans will be aware of his new friend whose merchandise was released this month. Well I picked up a bunch of it and I have to say Koguma-chan is utterly adorable.

First up I picked up the set of small notepads and they are so cute, with Rilakkuma playing an ocarina and fishing, and Korilakkuma and Koguma-chan exploring together.

I also got the stickers which turned out to be slightly glittery which to be honest I am not that fond of but the subject matter makes up for it. I mean Korilakkuma and Koguma-chan roaring together is just too cute.

And lastly is the plush which I am in two minds about, but you will hear more about that in my review.