Plush Review - Baby Wooly - Wooly

Baby Wooly is another adorable series of plush toys from Amuse and this little Wooly is no exception. This is the key-chain size Wooly and yet in spite of the small size the quality is still pretty good. The only part which I was slightly disappointed by was the fact that his eyes and mouth are transfers which makes me feel like they would be very susceptible to coming off if I attached him to my bag.

However I got this little guy to sit next to my computer so he wont be subjected to a rough life. Also on account of this I will be removing his stretchy blue loop. As for the rest of Wooly I am very happy as he is super cute and soft with very wool-like fur!

This little Wooly really makes me want to pick up some of the larger ones, however I am running out of room for displaying my plush collection.

How about you, do you have any wooly friends?