Figma Review - Mio Honda Cinderella Project Version

Mio is idols from The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls. Mio is full or energy and determined to become a top idol she is also has a habit of giving people nicknames.


As far as paint goes she is what you expect from a figma, her paint work is good with no mistakes to be seen. The sculpt however somewhat disappointed me. Now it's not that it is bad because it is up to the same quality as all figmas however in person its a little different from the prototype photos. Mio's face is less round and more pointed and her torso looks longer and thicker and overall she just doesn't look as cute as I was expecting.

As for articulation she uses all the standard joints and as per usual in only a few places is her movement restricted by the sculpt. She cannot look up very far and her skirt limits a little of her leg movement but these are common problems with figmas. Extra articulation includes her feet which have an extra section which allows a side swivel, however they only offer slightly more movement than swivelling the foot using the regular joint plus it looks weird having the tongue of her shoe stay in one place while the rest of the shoe moves!


The first accessories Mio comes with are three face pieces, the first is her default smiling face, the second is a winking face, and the third is a sleepy face. As for hands you get open hands as default, a pair of victory signs, a pair of fists, clasping hands, a hand for holding her cellphone, a hand attached to her video camera, and hands for holding items.

She also comes with a backpack which is plugged into her back. Once again you have to remove the figmas arms at the shoulder to use the bag and thankfully this time I can.

I have to say that although she comes with limited accessories it was good that they included holding hands so you can expand her repertoire by using other figmas accessories.

Over all even though I was disappointed by Mio not looking as cute as I was hoping her to be I do still like her outfit and have found that it works well as an alternative body for my figma Cute. Isn't that amusing to make her cute all I needed to add was Cute!