Tamashii Effect Review - Wave Clear Version

Yet another Tamashii Effect and this time its Waves. I picked up the Clear version as it kind of looks like a wind effect for flying characters, of which I have a couple.

Now the Wave comes in three pairs. The first is a cresting wave which simulates the splash which occurs when something is moving through the water at speed.

The second pair simulates water that has something either hovering above it or skimming across it and the third is the bubble like waves you get when something is moving at a slower pace through the water.

Now at first I was really happy with the pieces until on closer inspection I noticed that there were lots of paint errors, places where it was marked by dirt, the had been rubbed off, or the paint or plastic was lumpy. Not at all up to the same standard as the other Effect pieces.

However these errors are only noticeable when up closeFor display and photography which is not up close they look real good. I only hope that these errors are one off rather than a sign that Tamashii are letting their standards slip for this line.