Figma Review - Figma Horse White Version

Update: Please note that due to issues with Wordpress the images for this post were lost - I will endeavour a reshoot in the near future!

Figma Horse was a totally unexpected thing to come from figma especially as it was their own initiative and not a collaboration like the line of vehicles from Freeing. I am loving this new direction and I hope to see more figma sized companions in the future.


The design for the most part is very good, they have capture the look of a horse very well, however there are a few area's I think they could have worked on to make this figure go from awesome to outstanding. Firstly they could have done something more with the main, typically figma are really good at sculpting hair and will often include alternative windswept pieces for their figures. If  they had done this with the horse it would have been amazing. I am not saying that the main is bad, simply that its a bit plain and too static. Secondly the saddle, how great would it have been if you were able to remove the saddle and the reigns. Just imagine figures riding bare-back and wild horses running free. A very big missed opportunity I think.

Next we have the paint. I chose the white version of the horse because I've always thought white horses are cool, though if they had made a black one I would have chosen that because they are even cooler. Anyway the paint work is what you would expect, very well done. The only thing I would say is perhaps they could have done a little something more for the eyes as in some shots they look really lifeless.

As for articulation it uses mainly figma joints with hinge movement at the tops of the legs, the knees, and the hooves. There is also a little bit of a swivel at each and some in and out movement at the tops of the legs. The neck and head I think is the one place we are kind of let down, they can move up and down and can tilt slightly, however trying to get the horse to look to the side is hard if not impossible, really a horse should be able to look over its shoulder. They could have achieved this by adding another a joint half way down the neck as I don't mind visible joints if they add significantly to the movement of the figure.

The last bit of articulation is in the tail which is on a double ball joint with one inside the body and one between it and the tail giving it s full range of motion.


The horse comes with a figma stand which is slightly different than your standard one, having the second joint higher up instead of about halfway along. There are also two different attachments included. The stand however is not really strong enough to hold the horse in extreme poses because the main torso of the horse is made of solid plastic which makes it rather heavy. Personally I've been using the stand which I received with my Revoltech Dragon as that stand has a large base with the stand whole at its center, this gives way more support.

Two more "sort of" accessories are the reigns and the stirrups. The reigns are made of suede or a suede-like fabric, same with the stirrups. The stirrups are also adjustable, simply remove the saddle and change the length via the pegs.

This means that figmas of various sizes can ride the horse, however I did find that the very long legged Mikasa and Eren could not fit them so I had to use a trick when photographing them, having only one foot in the stirrup.

Now I know I listed rather a lot of negative points regarding the figma horse and yet I still think it is an awesome figure, my only reason for noting some faults is that I think it had real potential to be outstanding. Never-the-less I do highly recommend getting your hands on one as they are just so much fun and make for some really great photos and the Chestnut Version I would say is a must have for those who have figma Link.