Cu-poche Review - School Swim Suit Body

Update: Please note that due to issues with Wordpress the images for this post were lost - and as I no longer have this item I am unable to re-shoot!

Cu-poche is a line of articulated chibi figures and as a part of that line they have also released several accessory sets which can be used with all figures in the line.

This set is the School Swim Suit Body and the main event of the set is the body which has all the articulation of a standard Cu-poche figure.

As for the paint it has no mistakes as the swim suit is not painted rather is is sculpted from blue rubber which works well as it gives it a real swimsuit look.

As a part of the set a standard Cu-poche stand is included though this time it is blue, claw attachment not included.

As well as this you get a blue kick board made out of a rubber which feels similar to an eraser.

For hands you get an open pair as default and a pair for holding the kick board.

Over all I am happy with the set and in the summer when I go to the beach i will be able to get some awesome photos, for this reason alone I recommend this set for collectors of the Cu-poche line.